Friday, December 7, 2012

VIDEO: Emelie Sandé - "Clown"

British singing sensation, Emeli Sandé dropped a new video today, "Clown" from her top selling debut album, Our Version of Events. Despite the recent Grammy snub, she continues doing what she does best which is putting out great music. See the video after the break!

Here's what Emelie she had to say about the meaning of "Clown":

This is about the industry and the struggle to get into it. But I was also thinking about Jeremy Kyle’s show a lot when I wrote that – how we kind of laugh at these people on our TV screens who are desperate enough to go on and talk about their problems.
It was written very quickly – in two or three hours. I wanted it to be defiant... I’m going to be your clown, but I’ll still have the guts to put myself out there. Source
Although her album has been certified platinum 3x over in the U.K., her album sales have yet to measure up in the US. She gained a more international appeal after the Summer 2012 Olympics but folks are still sleeping. Recently, she announced her first U.S. tour and will be kicking it off January 12, 2013 in Atlanta! I will definitely be in the building!

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