Monday, February 13, 2012

Open Letter: "Dear Whitney..."

I took the news of Whitney Houston's death pretty hard and decided to write out my thoughts in a letter dedicated to the recently passed songstress. It's kind of raw and without a lot of formalities...just what was on my heart at the time. Check it out after the break...

Dear Whitney,
It still hasn't sunk in yet that you're gone. RIP Whitney Houston? That was a trending topic on Twitter this past weekend. When I logged onto Facebook and saw an article posted on your death, I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to believe. I can't believe it. Not again, I thought. I still haven't come to terms of Michael Jackson's death and now...this...
Words can't express what you've meant to me as a singer, music icon, and legend to millions around the world. I grew up watching you on TV. From "Saving All My Love" to the Bodyguard, The Preacher's Wife to Cinderella, you were my shero. My sister and I would pretend to be you and CeCe singing "Count on Me" or you and Mariah singing "When You Believe." My dad has a video of us singing "Same Script, Different Cast." She was Deborah and I was you. Like so many black girls around the world, you gave us hope that we too can be great and become a success. We too could cross all borders--racial, ethnic, color, religion--and reach those that we never imagined that we would. You were beautiful, graceful, charismatic--you were our star! 
Were? Still can't believe it. When I found out about your death, something inside of me died.There are only a few artists from my childhood that can take me back to that happy place. That time when bills didn't matter, when I didn't have to work, when I was free to be me and to just enjoy life without any worries, Popsicles on a summer day, cartoons, TGIF, Barbies and Nintendo. Every year at my elementary school they would play "One Moment In Time" at the assembly. Those words were embedded in my heart and still are. I thought I would be a whole lot older than I am now before I would have to type of speak or say the words, "Whitney Houston died." I thought I would be sitting around the 84th Grammy Awards explaining to my daughter or son who you were as they watched their TV screens in wonder. 
I'm not sure the reason why you left here, or why you had to go so soon. We all make mistakes and bad decisions in life, but God is our only judge. I just pray that He met you at the heavenly gates and took you to your rightful place in His heavenly choir. I'm sorry that people forgot about you. That your pain was ignored, ridiculed, and criticized. I'm sorry that the love people are bestowing upon you now, wasn't given to you just a few days ago. Perhaps if you knew, you would be here now... 
I pray for your mom, your daughter Bobbi Christina, your ex-husband Bobby Brown and all your friends, family and fans during this difficult time. I ask for God to strengthen them. Although I never got the chance to meet you, I felt like you were a part of my family. In a way your are since we are sisters in Christ. There is a silver lining in every cloud, however. Although your spirit is no longer here on earth, but you will continue to live on in the hearts of everyone. Yes, it's sad. Yes, it hurts. But you would not want us to cry for long.  
I don't have any more eloquent words to say at this time.This is very difficult to write and the tears are now starting to fall.  I would like to close this letter by saying thank you. Thank you for the love you shared through your voice and music. Thank you for teaching me how to believe in the impossible. For always giving praises to God for what he's done. For being an example to generations of women and men around the world. Thank you for your smile, your warmth, your love, and for sharing the greatest love of all--your gift of song. Through your legacy, may we learn to love instead of hate, be kind instead of slander, and devote time to one another instead of forgetting. I feel like you still had a lot left to do here on Earth, but you're with God now. He knew it was time for you to go home.
I love you Whitney. We love you Whitney. Rest in love angel. No more tears, pain, or sorrow. We'll miss you. Say hello to my grandparents for me and give them a hug and kiss. They love you also. 
Love Always,  

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