Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Way Back When: House Party!

It's been 22 years since the first House Party movie hit theaters. Written and directed by Reginald Hudlin, House Party starred hip hop duo Kid 'n Play (Christopher Reid & Christopher Martin), Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin, A.J. Johnson, late comedian Robin Harris, Full Force with a guest appearance by George Clinton. I first saw this movie at five years old when I went to it at the drive-in theater with my family...
House Party was a cult phenomenon in households around the world, and very popular among the youth during that era. It mirrored the lifestyle of many urban young people at the time. You wanted to be a part of their party. You wanted to be a part of their crew because they reminded you of you and your friends. With an interesting plot, hilarious scenes, great cast, cool clothes, and a bomb soundtrack, this movie had no choice but to become an instant classic. I actually remember my siblings and I getting out of the car and dancing around the car to the songs. (You could do that back then, lol).

The first House Party movie was such a success that it gave way to three more installments and also showcased the acting and singing talents of R&B artists TLC and Immature. However, the first one will always be my favorite. Check out the infamous dance-off scene between Kid 'n Play and Tisha & A.J.!

I was watching a documentary on A.J Johnson. on TV One's Life After and she said this scene was actually impromptu. They just started dancing and the cameras started rolling. Oh, and did I mention that I had the BIGGEST crush on Play? Something about chocolate, smooth, funny guys that does it for me. :-)

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