Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wendy Williams Has Some Advice for Fantasia [VIDEO]

We are all familiar with singer Fantasia's romance with married man, Antwaun Cooke (who has yet to divorce his wife and already has two kids) and the recent birth of their baby together. Apparently, things have been getting a little rough for Fantasia, and Wendy Williams offers her some advice...

She definitely put Fantasia on blast right here, but the truth hurts no matter who it comes from. Although, no one has any place to judge someone else (because we all do dumb and often irrational things), you do have to think about the consequences of your actions. As my mom often says, 'Whatever you compromise to keep, you'll eventually lose." Words to live by. I hope everything works out for Fantasia.

Thanks Singersoom for the link!

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