Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chaka Khan Blasts Clive Davis for Partying after Whitney Houston's Death

On Saturday evening the world was shocked by the tragic and shocking death of singer Whitney Houston. She was pronouced dead that evening and was on her way to mentor Clive Davis' annual Pre-Grammy party that was hosted at the same hotel that she died in. After learning about Whitney's death, it was rumored that the famed event would be cancelled. The party went on as expected as stars walked the red carpet, many claiming that Whitney would have wanted the show to go on. Fortunately, every one didn't agree and singer Chaka Khan is one of them...

Chaka Khan, who was very close to Whitney Houston, and the original singer of one of Houston's biggest hits, "I'm Every Woman", sat down with Piers Morgan to talk about her dear friend Whitney Houston whom she was very close to.
"I thought that was complete insanity," Chaka Khan told Morgan. "I don't know what could motivate a person to have party, in a building, where the person, whose life he had influenced so enormously, and whose life had been affected by her...I don't understand how that party went on."
Chaka Khan also agreed that honoring Whitney Houston on Saturday night was good, but she thought it should have been done in a different way.
"A more honest tribute, in my opinion, would have been, maybe, call everybody together, say a prayer, let's eat dinner, and go home."
I absolutely agree with her! How morbid is that to be downstairs partying while her dead body lay upstairs IN THE SAME HOTEL??? That was crazy, insensitive and absolutely callous. I commend Chaka for not being afraid to speak on it. Peep a snippet of her interview below.

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Whitney Houston's funeral is said to be held in her hometown Newark, New Jersey at the Prudential Center on Friday. The wake will be on Thursday.

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