Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brandy & Monica Discuss Past Beef, Whitney Houston, Kim Kardashian and New Albums with The Breakfast Club [VIDEO]

Singers Brandy and Monica are continuing their promo trail for their latest single, "It Belongs To Me" and stopped by Power 105 FM's The Breakfast Club this morning. The ladies discussed their publicized past beef with one another, the impact of Whitney Houston's death, twitter drama, stalkers, Ray-J, Kim Kardashian and their upcoming albums. Watch parts 1 & 2 of their interviews below.

It's good to see Brandy and Monica's maturity and hear how far they've grown as women and as well as artists. I grew up listening to them, watching them on TV, and reading about them in Sister 2 Sister, VIBE, and Word Up! as young girl so in a way it's like I grew up with them as well.

With the success of "It All Belongs To Me", I can't wait to hear what they're new albums are going to sound like. If you haven't seen the video yet, click here.

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