Monday, March 19, 2012

Song of the Day: Phyllis Hyman "Living In Confusion"

I loved listening to the late singer/actress Phyllis Hyman's sultry voice as a kid despite a lot of her songs sounded sad, especially in her later albums. "Living In Confusion" is from her best-selling album, Prime of My Life, released in 1991. This album was her biggest to date and also spun other hits such as "Don't Wanna Change The World" and "When You Get Right Down To It". She is also known for her duets with Norman Connors particularly their rendition of "Betcha, By Golly Wow".

Phyllis Hyman's shocking death as a result of suicide in 1995 left many fans and family saddened. Her last After looking at her story on TV One's Unsung, I'm sad that she was unable to find peace and happiness here on earth. She died much too soon age the age of 45, much like contemporaries Vesta Williams and Whitney Houston. Her last album entitled, I Refuse To Be Lonely, was an open book of her personal life. She was blessed with incredible vocals and had impeccable style that has been mirrored by entertainers such as Rihanna.  She will always be remembered as one of the most underrated yet greatest voices of our time. Her vocals on this track are chilling. Simply beautiful.

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