Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mint Condition & Tony Toni Tone On Tour Together?

Word on the street is that R&B bands Mint Condition & Tony Toni Tone may tour together in the near future...

Mint Condition & Tony Toni Tone (minus Raphael) with Michele McKnight of KMJQ 102.1

Mint Condition and Tony Toni Tone's visit with Houston station, Majic 102.1, sparked rumors that a joint tour is in the works. That is if ex-TTT member Raphael Saadiq joins them. I find this interesting since there was always that comparison-rivalry between the legendary two groups. However, if this is true (and I pray that it is) that would be so dope! All those talented singers and musicians at the same time would be amazing!

Check out the interview here.

Photo Credit: Majic 102.1

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