Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RnB Newcomer Kayla Brianna Pays Homage to Brownstone

I'm late on this video since I wasn't watching the Lakers-Heat game the other night. However, former NBA player and commentator Kenny Smith's daughter, Kayla Brianna (who's signed to Interscope), caused quite a stir the other night when her debut single, "If You Love Me" played during half-time. If anyone knows me, they know how I feel about remakes...

...Especially sub-par remakes or samples. I give her props for paying homage to 90's R&B group Brownstone (maybe she wasn't but in my mind she is) and putting herself out there. However, if you're going to sample a classic such as this one, you've got to bring it! I personally don't think this was the best lead single for her, but I do think she has potential. Hopefully her next single will be more influential. I'd hate to see her become another Ciara, Ashanti, or any other fallen millennium singer who we know longer talk about.

I liked the video concept and thought it was cute and age-appropriate. I also loved the outfits on her and the dancers. Check out the video for yourself!

Oh, and for those of you who don't remember the original version, here's Brownstone's 1995 version. Love them!

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