Monday, March 12, 2012

New Artist Shine: John Michael "Sophisticated Lady"

Although I'm  a huge fan of old school R&B (specifially pre-2000 R&B), I like discovering new music from indie and undiscovered artists. I was checking out one of my favorite sites for new music when I stumbled across John Michael and decided to click on his video for "Sophisticated Lady" which I immediately loved...

"At the age of 23, John Michael has established himself as one of the premier singer/songwriters of the upcoming generation. Born in northeast Washington, D.C. and raised in Virginia, John Michael began writing at 16 years old. He has penned material for several distinguished producers who have worked with top artists such as Wale, Rick Ross, Lloyd, and Jay Sean. Although he is a force to be reckoned with behind the scenes, John Michael is ready to step into the spotlight and showcase his own music." Source

I really like this track and video. It has a little of that 90's vibe that puts me in the mind of an early Joe and Donell Jones. He's clearly no stranger to music as a songwriter. I wish him success as an artist because we definitely need more variety in R&B today. Especially from the male artists.

What do you think about "Sophisticated Lady"?


  1. I love this guy...I think this is wonderful...cannot wait to hear more from him....

  2. OMG! This groove is soooooooo HOT and the line dance "First Impressions" is on lock in RVA!!!

  3. First Impressions on deck!!

  4. I'm pissed Verizon doesn't have a ringtone yet. I love, love, love, this song. So sexy and phenomenal. Big ups to my DC homie. About time some great R&B has surfaced. This is really for the grown & sexy