Monday, March 12, 2012

Song of the Day: Zhane "Sending My Love"

Zhane (pronouced Jay-Nay) is one of my favorite 90's female R&B duos. They burst on the scene in 1993 with their hit single, "Hey, Mr. DJ". They released their debut album, Pronouced Jay-Nay, the following year in '94 and other Top 40 hits such as "Groove Thang" and "Sending My Love". The group's last album, Saturday Night, was released in 1997 and we haven't heard from them since. I still play that first album like it just came out. Their ballads that went unreleased on the album are some of my favorites.

Zhane stood out because they were wearing their hair natural before the whole "go natural" wave that we see popular now came about. After the 70's and the blaxploitation era ended, women weren't wearing their hair in fros and surely not in low fades. The women of Zhane were trendsetters before Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, or India.Arie. They were rocking naturals before the who "Neo-Soul" classification came about. Their beauty and talent was before it's time, but it's great to see their influence today.

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