Friday, March 9, 2012

SWV "I Missed Us" Album Cover + Tracklisting

The Sisters With Voices better known as SWV are indeed ready to release their forthcoming album, "I Missed Us" on April 17th.

Tracklist for SWV's "I Missed Us" Album

1. Co-Sign
2. Show Off
3. I Missed Us
4. All About You
5. Best Years
6. Keep You Home
7. Everything I Love
8. Better Than I
9. Do You
10. Use Me
11. Time To Go
12. Co-Sign Remix
13. If Only You Knew

Looks like it'll definitely be worth the purchase and I really like the cover art. If you haven't heard the single or seen the video for their lead single,  "Co-Sign" check it out here.

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