Friday, March 23, 2012

Throwback: Jade "Don't Walk Away" [VIDEO]

Remember during the nineties when there were a plethora of R&B female groups? From En Vogue to Brownstone, Xscape to Total, and  Zhane to Changing Faces? There was definitely girl power going on back in the day, but somehow a lot of these groups disappeared, like Jade for instance. Consisting of members Joi Marshall, Di Reed, and Tonya Kelly,  they burst on the scene in 1992 with "I Wanna Love You" that became popular courtesy of the Class Act soundtrack. They followed up with their biggest hit  "Don't Walk Away" from their debut album, Jade To The Max. The single reached #2 on the R&B charts and eventually went gold. They continued to put out a few more R&B jams and sold over 1.5 million albums, but like many other groups from the nineties, they eventually faded to black.

"Don't Walk Away" is still my jam! That first album, This video is sooo "90s" with everything from doo-doo braids, Jodeci boots, and plaid over-sized shirts. I loved these ladies because they could all sing. "Looking For Mr. Do Right" still gets heavy play from me as well. Songs like these make me miss the nineties. So much good R&B was being released back then. Don't you agree?

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