Friday, March 9, 2012

Toni Braxton Releases New Single "I Heart You" [AUDIO]

Toni Braxton has released a new single from her forthcoming seventh studio album today entitled, "I Heart You". I guess she's been listening to her sister Tamar because her new sound sounds nothing like "Doo-wop-pop-pop".

Pro Motion is proud to premiere the new dance floor stomper by the legendary Toni BraxtonI Heart You was both written and produced by Braxton, as a gift to fans worldwide. She says… 
“When I wrote this song I was thinking about the feeling you get when you walk into a club and you hear the feel the beat and you just know it’s going to be a good night..”  
A good night, indeed. Toni perfectly encapsulates the feeling of longing for a lover who wants to be with another, all over a thumping club beat. The diva is back! Listen to I Heart You below, and download the single edit for free. Source

I like the single. It took a little bit to get used to since it doesn't have that classic Toni sound, but I could definitely see this doing well, if marketed and promoted right. Good to hear some new music from the diva. Can't wait for the album's release this summer!

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  1. Me gusto, y la hago sonar de una vez en WRadio Colombia la felicito , y si esto es el desayuno me adelanto a decir que el resto deber ser espectacular Gracias por esa mùsica