Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Album Releases: Faith Evans "R&B Divas" and Miguel's "Kaleidoscope Dreams"

Veteran R&B singer Faith Evans and the seemingly overnight new R&B sensation, Miguel both have new albums in stores today.  The success of the hit TVOne reality series, R&B Divas, coincides the release of Faith's new album with the same name, featuring her co-stars Monifah, Syleena Johnson, Keke Wyatt, and Nicci Gilbert along with Kelly Price, Fantasia, and Gilbert's mom, Helene "Mom" Gilbert. The proceeds from the album will benefit a charity in honor of Evans' close friend and mentor, the late Whitney Houston. The show follows the lives of the singers' lives and shows how they deal with balancing life, family, and reviving their careers. Although I wasn't too crazy about that "Dumb" single that Faith recently released, I love that "Tears of Joy" record. Faith hasn't released an album since 2010 and it's great to hear from some of my favorite R&B female artists. Excited to see how well this project does. I'm sure Whitney would be proud.

I didn't want to like the "Adorn" song. Perhaps because people were hyping it before I had a chance to listen to it. You know how can wear out a song before it's even marinated yet. But gradually my reluctant foot tapping changed to me singing along with Miguel at the top of my lungs while getting ready for work. (Don't act like I'm the only one!) Since his 2010 debut album, All I Want Is You, he has released music steadily online before his smash breakout #1 single, "Adorn "off new sophomore release, Kaleidoscope Dream, that drops today. I gave the album a listen yesterday, and I give it two thumbs up! Most artists have a hard time outdoing their debut albums and getting over their sophomore slump, but I think Miguel can only go higher from this point in his career. Definitely the most deserving, highly anticipated album of the year.

I love what R&B artists are doing right now.  Now go out and support both artists!

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