Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Artist Shine: Alexis Nicole "Wait For Me"

Although I am an old-school Soul/R&B junkie/enthusiast, I do on occasion like to give newer R&B artists shine. Alexis Nicole is an artist that I found out about through Twitter. Her latest single, "Wait For Me" was all the buzz, so I decided to take a listen and was pleasantly surprised. Produced by Trei Sly, this song "can be the soundtrack of many love stories. Sometimes, you may have to wait on the one you want until they can actually be that for you.his song," according to Alexis. Check it out for yourself below.

I liked the song on first listen, although I think her smooth, smoky vocals are too heavy for this record. However, the production intertwines nicely with her voice to make this an easy listen. After listening to this song, I went to her website to find more of her music. I really liked her previous singles, "Cold World" and "Love's A Game". They really showcase her vocal range and ability a lot more in my opinion. She has a great look and sound and I look forward to hearing more from  her.

What do you think of "Wait For Me"? Leave a comment and follow Alexis Nicole on Twitter!

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