Tuesday, October 23, 2012

R&B Group Silk Returns With New Single "Home For Christmas"

If you're a big fan of Soul/R&B Christmas music like I am, then you'll be delighted to know that 90s R&B group, Silk, has released their new single "Home For Christmas" just in time for the holidays! Check out the preview after the break.

The soulful quintet, whose last album was released in 2006, also supposedly has a new album coming out slated for 2013. They had also released their first holiday album, Gift From Silk, the year prior. According to Wikipedia, the album's title will be called, The Reunion. I'm not sure how true this is, but it'll be great to see music from an R&B male group as talented as Silk again. "Lose Control", "Meeting in My Bedroom" and "Freak Me" are still my jams!

I'm excited about this single because I was just thinking about new music for my Christmas playlist this year. Download and purchase "Home For Christmas" here. Support R&B!

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